Fishing For Gold


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What makes a true Alaskan?  There is a saying that some folk get off the plane and are already Alaskans, while others stay here all their lives and aren’t Alaskan at all. Rita and Bill Bishop are true Alaskans.  Since 1985, they have built a business handcrafting gold nugget and sterling silver jewelry.  But like the pioneers, they make the most of Alaska’s natural resources, hunting moose and fishing for salmon to feed their three children. Rita says buying nuggets is always an adventure.  “You never know what a miner will bring in, and no two nuggets are ever the same.  Each is a natural work of art.”  To Rita’s creative eye, Bill adds fine craftsmanship and attention to detail.  Like their designs in silver and gold, the Bishop’s partnership is one of beautiful contrast. Rita and Bill Bishop love their Fairbanks home, even at 50 degrees below zero!  They draw inspiration from the power and beauty of the wilderness that surrounds them.