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John Warnock Woodturning






Ketchikan woodturner John Warnock has been working with wood for a very long time. He credits his seventh grade wood shop teacher for giving him a wonderful introduction to woodworking.

He enjoys taking a small piece of wood and turning it into something that is pleasing to the senses: sight, touch—even smell! Each piece of wood has its own unique qualities and John enjoys trying to bring out its natural beauty. He considers himself a craftsman; “I care more about expressing the lost art of handcrafting and sharing the natural beauty of wood than about being the biggest or best known.”

“It’s hard to say what inspires me on a project; I am always trying to “out-do” myself. I enjoy trying new techniques, and often an idea floats around in my head for weeks or months on end before I actually start. As for the wood I like, purple heart is my favorite, but maple, walnut, and cherry are also nice. I also like Alaskan cedar. It is always my hope that the piece I create will be enjoyed for generations to come. Enjoy!”