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Mistress of Chaos

Artist Linda Smith of Mistress of Chaos: I’ve lived in Alaska for thirty years and reside in the big city, Anchorage, with my wonderful husband, Greg, our five huskies, and our two cats. We met in Southeast Alaska and later attended and graduated from the University of Alaska Fairbanks. For ten years I enjoyed working as an engineer and traveling to many remote locations throughout Alaska.

A decade ago I discovered beads. Color and light entered my life. Now, I spend a lot more time on the right side of my brain. There are always new problems to be solved and spaces discovered. In the best of times, creation displaces calculation while a needle and thread dance at my bead table.

So, thanks to a strong desired play, curious nature, persistent disposition, good friends to provide courage, and a supportive husband, it’s possible to rediscover the world each and every day I sit down to bead. (Oh, and yes, most of my artwork is accomplished under the supervision of Joe, the cat.)