• $60.00

Open edition print by V. Rae

Image size: 12" X 18"

Whether sailing Alaska coastal waters or snorkeling Hawaiian shores, V Rae chronicles natural life through bold portraits that leap from the canvas to your heart.  Defying convention in a startling fusion of color and negative space, V paints Freestyle Expressions that transport each personal encounter through time and space, sharing with the world her seamless blend of art, nature and individual personality. Like Humpback whales, V migrates between Alaska, the Pacific Northwest and Hawaii each year painting from platforms frequented by her subjects.

Artist's narrative: I love to garden, especially with indigenous perennial flowers...especially with Fireweed.  Towering hot pink pedals that evolve from Spring to Mid-Summer, then countdown to Fall, when blossoms retreat into bulging capsules of seeds-in-waiting.  When the last blossoms disappear, I cut the stalks and walk along my studio path twirling the embryo wand, covering the border with thousands of silky haired seeds.  Inevitably, some land on the pathway and are quickly inhaled by grateful Red Poles and Chickadees.  Many more land on rocky patches, where they grow and fade quickly for lack of root.  Some land in thorny clumps of Devil's Club that choke and stifle growth.  But others land and take root in good soil, where just one seed produces a plant with over three hundred capsules of life.  Consider the world if neighbors began paying it forward like Fireweed seed planted in good soil.