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V Rae


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Printed on lightweight, ready to hang, fade and scratch resistant aluminum

Image size: 13” x 17”

Whether sailing Alaska coastal waters or snorkeling Hawaiian shores, V Rae chronicles natural life through bold portraits that leap from the canvas to your heart. Defying convention in a startling fusion of color and negative space, V paints Freestyle Expressions that transport each personal encounter through time and space, sharing with the world her seamless blend of art, nature and individual personality. Like Humpback whales, V migrates between Alaska, the Pacific Northwest and Hawaii each year painting from platforms frequented by her subjects.

Artist's narrative: I’m seated at the base of a towering granite cliff, cricked neck, eyes glued to binoculars. My heart is in my throat as I watch a Mountain Goat scale the mind-numbing vertical face toward a pinnacle that penetrates time and space. The climb up was a paragon of nimble-footed caution, physical strength and emotional endurance. The breathtaking leap to the tip: a lesson in grace, balance and boundary management. Life Coach lessons are always humbling...particularly from a goat.

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