Ketchikan: A  Story

A FISH STORY DVD Ketchikan Story Project

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Ketchikan is more than just a quaint-looking little hamlet on Alaska's fabled Inside Passage. It's also a bustling community with a commitment to sustainability and quality that is unequalled around the world.

Founded as a fishing town in 1900, Ketchikan quickly earned its reputaion as the "Salmon Capital of the World." Today, the city is still a major purveyor of fresh-frozen and canned wild salmon, sending more than 45M pounds of wild-caught salmon (and halibut) to grocers worldwide each year.

Told by several of Ketchikan;s commercial fishermen and women, sportfishing guides, and fish stewards, Ketchikan: A Fish Story tells the tale of fishing in SE Alaska - a story full of passion, secrecy, and a healthy obsession with quality.