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Ketchikan: A True Frontier DVD

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Formally established in 1900 as a way-point for prospectors headed north in search of Klondike gold, Ketchikan, Alaska, quickly became a destination for adventurous pioneers and a Valhalla for fishermen from Norway and the Pacific Northwest. Built by miscreants and missionaries, merchants and mountain men, women of valor and ladies of "negotiable affection," Ketchikan began its life as a rough-and-tumble border town with a devil on one shoulder and an angel on the other.

Due to its penchant for prostitution, bootlegging and general lawlessness, the town gained fame in the mid-1930s as America's "wickedest city." Equally influenced by missionaries and other lawabiders, however, Ketchikan emerged as a testament to its singular duality: the kaleidoscope of characters, who came together from all walks of life, forged a community like no other in America.

Told by old-timers, local historians, and descendants of the town's founders, Ketchikan: A True Frontier chronicles the past (incredibly captured in stunning photographs) and showcases a town that had the foresight to preserve its history. Many of the town's first buildings still stand... and the stories they tell paint a compelling narrative of the early Alaskan frontier.