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Ketchikan: The Artists DVD
The Rock, a bronze sculpture featuring some of our most signifigant historical archetypes, stands front and center on Ketchikan's promenade. Not far away, is Thundering Wings, a monument to to Southeast Alaska's Native roots. Then there are the elaborately adorned piling caps, Chief Johnson's Totem Pole, even a city bus covered with psychedelic salmon... the more you look, the more you'll see that art is everywhere in Ketchikan.

And not just visual art. The city has a very active performing arts community as well, with theater and dance companies, a vibrant music scene, and an annual wearable art show.

And the artists? They're everywhere, too-working in the canneries, on the fishing boats, behind the mayor's desk... This little island community is home to 350 registered professional and avocational artists, three of whom are Rasmuson Distinguished Artisti-Haida weaver Delores Churchill, Tlingit carver Nathan Jackson and renowned painter/ichthyologist, Ray Troll.

Not bad for a community of 13,000. As local artist Terry Pyles aptly states, "Ketchikan has definitely got talent on steroids."

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