Mermaid Legend
Rie Munoz


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Open edition poster print by Rie Munoz

Image size: 15" X 24"

Artist's description: The Eskimo people who lived on the shore of a lake were slowly starving because the lake held no more fish. One night, a very hungry young girl took her father's net to the lake to see if she could catch some fish. to her surprise she caught a beautiful, golden-haired mermaid. The mermaid begged to be released, and the Eskimo girl helped her untangle her hair from the net. 

The next morning, the girl told the village people of her experience, but no one believed her until the men went out fishing and found a few strands of golden hair in the net she had used. That day, the lake was full of fish again, and the men filled thier nets. The mermaid, thankful for being let go, had performed her magic: the lake never ran out of fish again and the period of starvation was over.

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