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Pewter pint measures approximately 1 9/16" x 2 1/8"

My moose pin portrays a majestic spirit with a huge rack for a crown. Standing up to 6 feet at the shoulder and weighing close to a ton, these Alaskan mammals are the largest species of the deer family. Despite their immense size, they possess a chameleon-like nature and can disappear into the woods at a moment's notice.

Moose are regular visitors to my home of Ester, Alaska. They casually roam through town browsing on the occasional willow and crab apple tree. What they really like are our gardens, especially when everything is just about ready to harvest. We grab our pots and pans when we see the moose coming and make a racket in the hopes of driving them away.  Some of us gardeners have gotten smarter over the years and put up electric fences. Fortunately, your garden is safe from this moose pin.

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