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Barbara Lavallee is an Alaskan watercolorist, who is known for her work depicting various cultures. Her humorous and unique subjects bring joy to viewers from everywhere. People almost always smile, and often giggle when they peer into a Lavallee painting and find insight into the artist's joyous outlook on life. There are no sad tales in her art. "I like to portray the highs of humanity, the humor, the tenacity, the magnificence of all people," Barbara says. And she prefers to paint women, explaining, "I do some men and children in my paintings, but seldom do a painting of just men. Women are so much more colorful." Her watercolors feature highly stylized women, whimsical, animated, and always-dressed in vibrant colors.

Her subjects vary, but she admits to having an "ethnic bent" to her work. Barbara's interest in people, how they live and what they do have taken her and her work to exotic places around the world. "I have always been fascinated by the similarities and oneness of all people, as well as the differences," she says. Lavallee is one of Alaska's favorite artists and is known internationally for illustrating Mama Do You Love Me?, a best-selling children’s book. 18" x 12"