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Soapstone Carvings

A whale’s tale gently breaks the water’s surface...
A brown bear carefully strolls along the shoreline...
A playful otter delights in the savory treasures inside the seashell held tight to his belly...
Inspired by Alaska’s wildlife and culture, Wendy Hook creates soapstone masterpieces that are sought out by galleries and art collectors around the world.
“Sometimes the rock is shaped a certain way that lends itself to, say a fish and I just take away what doesn’t look like a fish,” says Wendy Hook of Douglas Creek Sculpture Co.
As the daughter of well-known master Alaskan carver, Bob Merry – the art of capturing Arctic wildlife and culture is a family tradition that’s been passed down from one generation to the next.
Each piece is a signed original.
Simple. Elegant. Phenomenal attention to detail.
The spirit of Alaska and the Pacific Northwest is a cherished synergy between rock and the artist’s love of the outdoors.
From her studio nestled in the mountains, Wendy Hook creates a special memory of adventure discovered in one of the most breathtaking places on Earth.