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Laura Mendola

"I have been creating artwork my entire life.  My mother was a full time studio ceramic artist. As a child, I was exposed to glass in Corning, NY at Stuben Glass.  I began experimenting with glass when my dad bought me my own small test kilns.

Alaska has provided the inspiration and subject matter for much of my artwork. My work is colorful, contemporary and organic.  These sculptures hang easily in contemporary and traditional spaces alike.  Many of my sculptures are in public and private collections.  The vibrant and multi-faceted glass and metal sculptures captivate the viewer, with in depth exploration of beauty, strength, and the fragility of nature.  Here I express my love of the ocean and water in a selection of soothing seascapes.

I use cutting edge materials and techniques, along with time honored traditional glass making processes.  This versatility in workmanship provides dramatic texture and depth to the sculptures.

My life experiences have given me endless inspiration for creation of art.  My sculptures are primarily made of glass and metal and are a continual changing experimentation of form.  I always get to know the environment and people before designing a new sculpture, as this gives me insight in to what will enhance the environment where it will live.  My art brings me true joy as I hope it does for the viewer.  I could not image a life without making art."