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Custom Framing


Framing Services We Offer

Fine Art Prints and Original Artwork

Different art media and surfaces can require special considerations when it comes to framing. You can trust us to safely handle and preserve your one of a kind piece. 

Art Restoration and Frame Repair

Have a framed piece that has seen better days? We can repair frames, replace broken glass, and clean original artworks to give your treasures a second life.

Certificates and Diplomas

We're proud of you! And you should be proud of yourself! Display your big accomplishment with a sleek frame that shows off your smarts and your style!


Where did you go? A concert? National Park? Posters are fun and the stories behind how and where we got them are even more fun! Mounting and framing posters is a breeze! And with our flat rate framing poster special, framing for standard poster sizes (18x24 and up) starts as low as $128.

Mirror Framing

That's right- it doesn't have to be art! We can help you create the mirror of your dreams (because everyone dreams of mirrors, right?)

Canvas Stretching

So you're traveling and you find the perfect piece of art that you can conveniently roll up and pack in your luggage- GREAT! But then you get home and realize you just have a rolled up piece of fabric. Skip the thumbtacks on the wall and let's make this look good. After all, you went to (insert some very cool and exotic place)! We have the know-how and the tools to take it from rolled up piece of fabric to WOW centerpiece that will have your guests asking about your travels for years to come.

Sports Memorabilia

Remember an eventful game or season with a framed jersey!

Shadowboxes & Acrylic Displays

We get it- not everything is flat. But that doesn't mean it can't be framed! For your special pieces that have some depth, we can create the perfect little home for them inside a custom shadow box or acrylic display case.