Custom Framing

Whether you’re framing a $20 concert poster, a $1,000 limited edition print, or a priceless original that a loved one made for you, art is a reflection of you, your tastes, and the time you’re living in. A custom frame is an investment that will not only protect your artwork but also your showcase your cherished memories for years to come.

3 Reasons to Consider Custom Framing at Scanlon Gallery

  • Custom frames always look better on your wall

    • Custom framing is one of the few things (if not the only thing) in the average home that is truly custom. From the choice of the art, the design and location of the piece, it’s the one thing that no one else will have. You look at it and derive pleasure from it for years and it can carry great sentimental value. Compared to other custom-made items, such as window treatments or furniture, for example, custom framing is actually modestly priced. Keep in mind, that a well-executed custom framed art piece will last many years for you and your family.
  • Custom frames protect your art better, longer

    • With custom framing, you’re not only investing in a desired look or aesthetic for your artwork, but you’re also investing in its proper care. A custom frame is the only way to guarantee that your art will be preserved for generations to come. To ensure that your art lasts a lifetime, we use acid-free mats and backing. With non-acid free materials, your artwork will eventually fall victim to “foxing” — those reddish-brown spots that appear on your grandmother’s framed watercolors. In addition to acid free materials, we use conservation glass that protects against UV rays which will fade your artwork.
  • Framing with us gives you access to framing experts

    • Your framing is individually designed and created by skilled craftsmen from the highest quality materials using state of the art equipment. Custom framing not only involves quality materials but also the sound knowledge of how to assemble these materials. Custom framing is labor intensive and requires skills and training that are specialized.

Custom framing can be expensive because it's just that- CUSTOM. It's not churned out in a factory, it's made to measure to your specifications, by hand, right here, in about 2 weeks. Custom framing is done one at a time, just like you want it, by trained professionals who know what they are doing. It takes time, skill, and state of the art supplies.

We can't make the expense go away, but we CAN ensure that you get your money's worth- in craftsmanship, design and service.