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Amy Williams

Originally from Ohio, artist Amy Williams studied at the Columbus College of Art and Design before finding her way to Alaska.

About her work, Amy says, “I prefer to keep my work small and to say a lot with a little. They are meant to be an intimate encounter. I paint subjects that make me smile and feel peaceful.”

“Sky, water, land, and how we experience them are keys to my work. I choose to work in watercolor because of its translucent, atmospheric and ‘no going back’ qualities. Watercolor encourages me to simplify each subject with minimal details. Subjects within a painting are connected with lines, color, pattern, and texture. Each piece starts with a concept and a sketch, but often the original plan is derailed when the watercolor does what it wants to do. I really try to ‘follow the ways of the water’ when I work. I love color and work with both muted and bright colors depending on the subject.”