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Artist List

Use this page to browse our catalog of talented artists! You can also shop by subject matter or type of art using the categories at the top of the page.

If you're not able to find what you're looking for, feel free to send us a message or give us a call at 907-247-4730 or text us at 907-617-9644.​

Rie Munoz

Classic Southeast Alaska scenes by one of Alaska's most celebrated artists

Byron Birdsall

Alaskan landscapes by one of Alaska's most renowned artists

Barbara Lavallee

Whimsical scenes of Alaska Native women having fun



Beki Killorin

Contemporary etchings of Pacific Northwest birds


Brenda Schwartz

Landscapes painted over nautical charts of Alaska


Marianne Wieland

Embossings of far-north Alaskan scenes and wildlife

Laura Mendola

Fused glass artwork, candle holders, plates, and jewelry


Jon Van Zyle

Alaskan scenes and dog sledding themes by the official artist of the Iditarod


Irene Klar

Intaglio prints of Northwest women and textiles

John Fehringer

Known for his airbrush depictions of floatplane and Alaskan landscapes

Nathalie Parenteau

Stylized imagery of far-north wildlife and scenes

Ann Miletich

Vibrant, abstracted Alaskan landscapes

Elizabeth Rose

Realistic watercolor landscapes of Ketchikan, Alaska

V Rae

Colorful portraits of Alaskan wildlife

Mark Bartlett

Original oil paintings and prints of Denali and Alaskan landscapes

Terry Pyles

Realistic wildlife and landscapes of Ketchikan and Southeast Alaska

Carlos Rojas

Vibrant Alaskan photography on metal and photo paper

Ole Gundersen

Inspirational landscape and wildlife photography on metal

Corinne Danzl

Gyotaku fish print originals and posters

Carmel Anderson

Symbolic portraits celebrating the strength and wisdom of woman

Glen Fazakerley

Paper cut-outs and watercolor renditions of Ketchikan scenes and wildlife

William Stewart

Logging, commercial fishing, and other Alaskan themes

Dot Bardarson

Colorful watercolors of Alaskan wildlife and landscapes

Keith Greba

Puffins, planes, fishing, and other popular Alaskan themes

Dick Miller

Watercolors of the mountains and waters surrounding Ketchikan, Alaska

Joann George

Etchings and prints of Alaska native themes

Dave Rubin

Painterly scenes of Ketchikan, Alaska

Pia Reilly

Scandinavian folk art inspired imagery

Courtenay Birdsall-Clifford

Alaskan landscapes with stylistic influences from her father Byron Birdsall

Catotti & Goldberg

Serigraphy of Alaskan landscapes and wildlife

Bruce Nelson

Alaskan shorelines and fishing themes

Sandy Wade

Detailed original paintings and prints of marine life and birds

Guitta Corey

Oriental paper collages and glass plates

Doug Hudson

Paintings and sculptural wooden wall hangings of Alaskan marine life

Fred Machetanz

Large format prints of iconic Alaskan scenes

Sandra Greba

Watercolor originals and prints of birds and wildflowers

Margie Kraft

Original fluid acrylic ink collages

Amy Williams

Original watercolors of Alaskan landscapes and wildlife

Jeanne Gamble

Alaska native inspired imagery

Karla Morreira (Whalebone Watercolors)

Animal watercolors using various textural watercolor techniques

Romney Designs

Prints of paintings done on taxidermied fish

Teri Jo Hedman

Alaskan animal watercolors with abstracted landscapes

Shannon Cartwright

Childlike imagery of Alaskan animals from well-known children's book illustrator

Jean Ferrier

Linoleum block prints of Northwest Coast native imagery

Judy Roush

Northwest Coast native drum designs

Brett Varney

Whimisical landscapes accented with metal leafing

Jim Guenther

Abstract original acrylic ink paintings inspired by water

Lawrence "Snapper" Carson

Canvas prints of boats in Alaskan waters

Studio Girard

Alaskan wildlife prints on ready to hand wooden blocks

Marie Powell

Printmaker of Pacific Northwest subjects

Nancy Charles

Detailed etchings of animals

Tom Trudeau

Original paintings on marble slabs from Prince of Wales Island, Alaska

Michelle Morrell

Small etchings of animals and Alaskan scenes

Mitch Seaver

Alaskan landscape and wildlife photography