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Margie Kraft-Malkuian

Long time Ketchikan artist Margie Kraft -Malkuian has a strong affinity for the area’s beaches and forests. Her love of Southeast Alaska is reflected in her colorful, vibrant, and nature inspired work. Some of her favorite subjects are treasures found while beachcombing the Alaskan shores: moon snails, kelp, urchins, and octopus, to name a few. 

When she's not creating art, Margie works for the State of Alaska. She describes her job as very cerebral and challenging, with not much room for creative expression. She relishes her time spent in her art studio, experimenting with her inks, playing with color, and exploring new techniques. Though Southeast Alaska is often gray, Margie’s works are bright and dazzling. Growing up in a place that is overcast more often than not, Margie has always been intrigued with color and it is a central element in her work. Margie recently married and currently resides in Sitka, Alaska, where she continues to be inspired by the familiar beauty of Southeast.

All Margie’s pieces are original artwork consisting of hand-mixed alcohol ink colors and hand-painted synthetic Yupo paper. Each collage is painstakingly composed with Margie’s eye for balance, color, and shape. Each piece is mounted on cradled birch wood panels, sealed with UV protectant spray and clear resin, then finished off with Margie’s signature on the back.

Though her work is ready to hang as it is, Margie doesn't put set hangers on the back that predetermine the orientation. She wants people to decide which way they'd like to hang it- unlike most artwork, there is no right or wrong, no up or down. You can hang it whichever way is right for you and your space!