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Ann Miletich


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Limited edition artist proof by Alaskan artist Ann Miletich

Image size: 19" x 21"

Arctic terns are long-lived birds, with many reaching fifteen to thirty years of age. They eat mainly fish and small marine invertebrates. The species is abundant, with an estimated one million individuals. While the trend in the number of individuals in the species as a whole is not known, exploitation in the past has reduced this bird's numbers in the southern reaches of its range.

The Arctic tern is also known as sea swallow describing their slender shape as they swoop over the water.

*Print comes unframed- For framing design options and pricing, please contact us by email at or text at 907-617-9644

Artist statement: Living in Alaska has opened me up for a visual world where large shapes intermingle with shining streaks of brilliant color. Especially in Alaska, it is disrespectful to try to record a landscape image, so in my work I try to capture the feeling of the place- not the place itself.

I'm fascinated by the use of line, color, and graphic hard line separation of space, as it applies to our Alaskan landscapes. For me, Alaska has been a fruitful place. Its visual resources are endless.

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