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V Rae


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Open edition print by V. Rae

Image size: 18" x 12"

Whether sailing Alaska coastal waters or snorkeling Hawaiian shores, V Rae chronicles natural life through bold portraits that leap from the canvas to your heart. Defying convention in a startling fusion of color and negative space, V paints Freestyle Expressions that transport each personal encounter through time and space, sharing with the world her seamless blend of art, nature and individual personality. Like Humpback whales, V migrates between Alaska, the Pacific Northwest and Hawaii each year painting from platforms frequented by her subjects.

Artist's narrative: The wake-up call for an artist comes when they understand the color of an object is not contained within the object.  Color is generated by the light that reflects off of the object.  Over time I’ve learned the same principle applies to dogs, when they’re loved.  A loved dog reflects character traits I try to live in my relationship with people.  They’re  faithful, gentle and kind, even during exuberant moments of utter exhilaration.  They embrace each day with joy, energy and enthusiasm.  When you’re down, they offer comfort, kindness and patience.  Above all, love fosters self control even when temptation stretches the leash of our senses.

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