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Cat's Meow Village


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This ¾" thick wooden map was created to show significant points of interest along the Iditarod Trail. The back includes a few more written details relating to the map. Set your keepsake map in a prominent location like a shelf, desk, wainscoting, or door/window trim.

Use this map to share stories or history with the children and family in your life. The Iditarod Trail has a long and captivating history. It was developed by ancient native hunters, expanded by Russian explorers and fur traders, then by the prospectors of the Gold Rush era.

It measures approximately 2,300 miles in length. A 27-mile race was run in 1969, but not until 1973 did the "Last Great Race on Earth" make its way to Nome and magically spark imaginations to recall the uniquely Alaskan days of old.

Our keepsakes make the purr-fect gift, preserve history, and add a special touch to any decor. Cat's Meow offers an affordable way to capture cherished memories of childhood, family vacations and far away places yet to be explored. Only The Cat's Meow Village can represent so much for so many people. Casper, the famous black cat trademark, can be found on every piece. This trademark black cat can only be found on authentic Cat's Meow keepsakes.

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