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V Rae


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Open edition print by Alaskan artist V Rae

Image size: 12" x 18"

Artist narrative: Eye paint expressions.  Early in my journey, eye learned expressions are best expressed through the eyes.  It’s only travelling through the eye, and back, that eye’m able to capture the spirit of individual character.  Eye know, it sounds a bit surreal, but isn’t it through the eyes that we see all manner of expression?  Every day we send and receive messages that enter the body through the eyes, penetrate the heart, and return in a variety of emotional response.  Eye can close my eyes to your point of view just by looking you in the eye…or open my eyes to truth and understanding.  When eye look into your eyes, eye may see anger, fear, pain, trust, or love.  Amazingly, this holds true for all living creatures, especially horses.  So let’s take a vote.  Eye or neigh?  The eyes whinny!  Snort.

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